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Welcome to Skyline Tauranga.

My wife, Rachel, and I warmly welcome you to Skyline Tauranga. In June 2020 We purchased Skyline Tauranga and began our Business adventure. Skyline is well known as a Garage and Shed building Company. With decades of history building across New Zealand Skyline is a name you can Trust.

As well as doing High quality Garages and Sheds, we offer some Fantastic Minor dwelling and Dwelling designs. Enquire with us today.

Our team look forward to working with you on your next build!


Having lived in my little cottage for just over twelve months, I would like you to know I am very pleased with my new home. Although small it has everything I need. Plenty of cupboard space and the spare bedroom is a godsend.

I chose SKYLINE over its competitors because of your flexible attitude towards interior layout, allowing me to have considerable input into the final design. Once the decision was made my worries were virtually over. Your capable staff handled the Council  and neighbours superbly. Your foreman was most helpful and the subcontractors got the job done as quickly as the appalling weather would allow.

I wish to mention the young builder in particular. He was most approachable and good at his job.

Your liaison man from the office kept his finger on the pulse and I felt he really cared about customer satisfaction. All in all I heartily recommend you to anyone who asks about my new house.

– J Smith.

After comparing many competing products it was evident to me that SKYLINE offered the best all round value in a garage suitable for storing and working on my classic car collection. The strong treated timber framework was a major selling point as was SKYLINE’s ability to alter the design to meet some quite specific requirements I had.

Through the planning & building process the staff were enthusiastic and offered many helpful suggestions on how to get the most out of the finished product. For a modest additional investment over and above cheaper products SKYLINE has provided me with long-term value that far outweighs the extra initial outlay.

– P Denniston.

My reason for going to SKYLINE is because of your wooden framing- I needed a building that I could put shelving cabinets in for my workshop. The building you have provided has proved warm, dry and comfortable to work in. It is a neat and tidy building and in keeping with the area we are in. Looking back, I can thank SKYLINE for the way they carried out the organisation and construction of the building. It took a lot of worry off my shoulders. In other words, I’m very pleased with the whole project.

– W Jelaca.

SKYLINE Tauranga provided outstanding service and workmanship in the construction of our Environmental Arts Building. The whole process from planning to construction was highly positive, efficient and stress free. The team from SKYLINE were consistently sensitive to our needs and wishes and worked enthusiastically to help us achieve a great result within the constraints of a tight budget.  Well done, SKYLINE, for helping us achieve our dream! 

B Clarkin. (Principal Of Pyes Pa School).

About Skyline Buildings Tauranga