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Whether it’s the boat, your band or homemade jetpack, you can use a Skyline for anything. Even a car or two.


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Way back in the Dark Ages (1956, for those of you who are counting), a gentlemen named Lindsay Cook took it upon himself to provide every Kiwi’s dream: well-built, long-lasting garages at prices within everyone’s reach.

Lin’s attention to detail and keen building nous have helped Skyline become one of the big names of the New Zealand building landscape. With over 40 independently owned and operated distributors, you could say we’re pretty well established.

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Home to rock bands, dart boards, power tools, beer fridges and inventors. Pretty nifty for storing a car as well.


Our basic, entry-level solution to your accommodation needs. Gottages and sleepouts come in a range of sizes.


Our Carports are freestanding, they're perfect if you need shelter for your car, boat, bus or what-have-you.

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Awesomeness is only part of the story...

It’s What Goes Into a Skyline That Matters.

No matter what shape, size, colour or smell you want it to be, we’re sure we have a building that fits comfortably inside your budget. That’ll leave you with more to spend on whatever crazy things you want to do in it.

We’ve done all the science, made sure we only use quality materials, and meet all NZ building standards. We’re so confident our buildings will last we’ll back them up with a 25-year structural guarantee.

We’re as Kiwi as pavlova and Crowded House, but we’ll never let the Aussies claim us. We’ve been seeing to Kiwis’ garage needs for over 65 years and we’re proud to be part of the New Zealand landscape.

We’re an old-fashioned bunch in that we believe the customer’s needs come first. That’s why we’ll always keep tabs on your building from start to finish, so the whole process goes smoothly.

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